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aboutFrancoise Marvel, MD started her journey to innovate the systems of medical training and practice during her medical school days. During her third-year of medical school at Florida State University College of Medicine, like most students she scribbled notes in her pocket-sized black notebook when her first rotation introduced her to “the wards” and the mystery and challenge of internal medicine. These pocket-sized books became personalized gold mines of facts, memory aids, and wisdom from residents and attending mentors. The thought occurred to her, what if I had all of the content from my mentor’s medical black book packed with about 20 years of know-how? And what if I could access/search it from my iPhone, iPad for efficiency. Would this help medical students and residents “Do it right–the first time” in other words, help diagnose and manage patients more efficiently and effectively? Could it help patients feel better faster and reduce healthcare resource usage simultaneously? The goal was to capture the trademark encyclopedic clinical knowledge, diagnostic expertise, and clinical-educator skills of the internal medicine program director and replace the tattered, coffee-stained, scribbled pages of medical students and residents “black books” with an app and pocket-sized print copy. Collaborating closely with the Dr. Mario Madruga, MD FACP, Program Director of Orlando Health Internal Medicine Residency Program, she was able to achieve her goal by creating the Madruga And Marvel’s Medical Black Book: Guide To Differential Diagnosis, Mnemonics, And Clinical Pearls as a print book and App.
Her work was recognized by Digitech 2012 Technology Expo at Florida State University as “Best Mobile App” and the Jim Moran Institute of Global Entrepreneurship who awarded her with a start-up innovation grant to expand the mobile medical educational and black book project to include developing this website.
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6. DIGITECH Technology Expo 2012, “Best Mobile App Winner”: DIGITECH Winner.

Mobile Technology in Medicine – Black Book App for best mobile application judged on usefulness, user experience, visual design, and complexity by FSU Digitech 2012 executive committee.

FSU President, Dr. Eric Barron gave a speech at the Awards Ceremony that specifically identified Madruga and Marvel’s Medical Black Book App as being one of the outstanding examples of FSU’s student innovation in technology and potential to make a positive impact on medical community and patient care.

DocTechMD is a Medical Technology start-up established through the generous funding of Genivia Inc, to elucidate these gaps in medicine and develop technology solutions, where the stakes are high, and improving standards of care could affect the quality of patient’s lives while simultaneously impacting the medical economics and “experience” of patient care. For example faster and more accurate diagnosis, decreased readmission rates, decreased length of hospital stay, and avoidance of nonessential diagnostic labs/imaging have huge benefits for medical expenditures and patient safety/comfort.

DocTechMD facilitates medical students, residents, and attendings in managing patient care, increasing the likelihood that a critical factor will not be missed and accurate diagnosis and management decisions can be reached expeditiously. Dr. Marvel is driven to continue improving the “current system” with simple technology solutions and knowledge sharing to make it easier to practice better medicine.

In the era mobile medical technology, DocTechMD hopes to be at the forefront of “digital doctoring” solutions for both physicians with point-of-care tools, checklists and patient-oriented tools for medication compliance, monitoring treatment goals, and education.

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