Awesome app! If you wanna survive your residency ( especially those night calls when you are alone and your senior is not accessible !) this app comes very handy.
Running late for morning report and don’t have time to prepare your case, this app is for your rescue!
Pre-rounding and want to suggest differentials this is your best friend.
Boards, humm who thinks bout boards during residency or atleast when u r a third year trying to apply, paying 1000s of $$$ for board reviews or using this time trusted friend, folks choice is yours!
Highly recommended!!
- Amit Badiye MD

Amit Badiye, MD,

Extremely helpful! As a med student I used this book everyday on my internal medicine rotation and know it will be a great resource for residency. I especially love the section on clinical pearls. The small size makes it a perfect fit for your white coat.I highly recommend it!

Coley Sheriff, MS4,

Absolute must have for IM and EM residents! I was an intern under Dr. Madruga and although I’m no longer in IM I still find this app extremely useful. I wish the residents at my current hospital used this app. It would cut out 70% of the negative studies that I read everyday.

Dr. Amit Badiye, MD, Chief Resident Internal Medicine

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