Clinical Pic (Community-acquired Pneumonia= CAP) • mucopurulent cough, fever, pleuritic chest pain • weakness, change in mental status. • PE: dullness to percussion, egophony, tachycardia, tachypnea. Asymmetric breath sounds, pleural rubs, egophony, and increased fremitus. DDx: • S. pneumoniae (MOST common) • M catarrhalis • H influenzae • Mycoplasma pneumoniae • Chlamydia pneumoniae (young) • Psittacosis • Q fever • Tularemia • Legionella species Note:...

FDA issues final guidance on mobile medical app

"FDA NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release: Sept. 23, 2013 FDA issues final guidance on mobile medical apps Tailored approach supports innovation while protecting consumer safety Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued final guidance for developers of mobile medical applications, or apps, which are software programs that run on mobile communication devices and perform the...

Medical Informatics: Rethinking traditional ways of accessing, managing, and reporting information.

Technology and EMRs are changing modern day physician's practice of medicine. With accrediting organizations and managed care mandating EMRs for quality assurance, the inevitable mass conversion to electronic charting is nearly complete. Related functions, billing, payment, prescriptions are also being managed electronically. For all these reasons and more, physicians are encouraged to become...

Madruga and Marvel Medical Black Book Included in ISABEL

Madruga and Marvel's Medical Black Book has been featured in ISABEL as an additional tool to broaden the differential diagnosis and recognize a disease at the point of care. Accessed directly or fully integrated with an EMR system, the web-based Isabel tool uses the patient's demographics and clinical features to produce a list of...

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